The films


The goal of this film series is to reveal the complexity of food consumption dynamics among the middle classes in two rapidly changing, urban centres: Metro Manila, the Philippines and Bangalore, India. Based on a two-year academic research project, the six films highlight the changing patterns, practices and policies related to food consumption in these two mega-cities.


Directors Helena Ziherl, Reto Steffen, Marlyne Sahakian
Editors Helena Ziherl, Reto Steffen
Interviews Helena Ziherl
Camera Reto Steffen
Assistance with on-location shooting:
Bangalore Gopal Karanth and Megha Shenoy
Metro Manila Pia Faustino, Abigail Marie Favis and Christine Camata
Translations Megha Shenoy
Voiceovers Megha Shenoy, Czarina Saloma, Pia Faustino and Uma Rani


With wish thanks to all those interviewed for this project, all the locations that allowed us to film, as well as all the researchers who helped develop the films.


Produced by the SNIS,