These six films are based on a research project under the direction of Professor Suren Erkman at the University of Lausanne, and co-coordinated by Professor Shalini Randeria at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and Dr Marlyne Sahakian at the University of Lausanne. Professor Czarina Saloma at the Institute of Philippine Culture, Ateneo de Manila University, acted as a key research partner. The project was funded by the SNIS.


logo_SNIS_B_3-e1415873328537The Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) promotes academic research in the interdisciplinary field of international studies. The SNIS supports research projects in the framework of an annual call for proposals and organises conferences and workshops on issues related to international studies. Two distinguished prizes award young researchers for their outstanding work. Headquartered in Geneva, the SNIS seeks to develop synergies between academic disciplines and links institutions of higher education in Switzerland. It fosters the collaboration with International and Non-Governmental Organizations with the aim of building a network.

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